Charles Grantham is a member of the Kemetic Institute since 1980, a member of the Research committee and an instructor in the Kemetic Institute’s community classes, teaching the History, Culture and Literature of Ancient Kemet course. He is a lecturer in the Teaching about Africa program of the Kemetic Institute. He has been a frequent contributor to the Kemetic Voice, and is the author of  The Battle for Kemet. He is a Certified Prosthetist, and a former Peace Corps volunteer. He served in Niger, West Africa and Kenya, East Africa, during his five-year tenure in the Peace Corps. Professor Grantham is a charter member of ASCAC, and was a founding member of the Board of the Midwest Region of ASCAC. Professor Grantham has lectured at ASCAC National conferences and at the conferences of ASCAC’s Midwest Region. Professor Grantham is an instructor at Olive Harvey College and at the Jacob Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies as well as an instructor in an innovative adult literacy program, Literacy, Employability, Self-Sufficiency (LES).


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