Josef Ben-Levi

A. Josef Ben-Levi is a founding member and an Associate Director of the Kemetic Institute. He is the facilitator for the Research/Study Group of the Kemetic Institute. He is a charter member of ASCAC. Ben-Levi is an instructor at Northeastern Illinois University in the Philosophy and Educational Leadership & Development departments and at the University’s Jacob Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies. He has taught mdw ntr. His areas of study include languages such as mdw ntr, Hebrew, Arabic, and Meroitic, the history of Christianity and Judaism, and the history of ancient Egypt, Nubia and, what Dr. Anderson Thompson calls the Great 19th Century. He has made several appearances on cable television and talk radio in Chicago. Professor Ben-Levi is a founding member of KI and since 2006, a priest of the Temple of the African Community of Chicago.


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