Muriel Balla

Muriel Balla chairs the Editorial and Publishing committee of the Kemetic Institute, and has been a KI member since 1986. She serves as Financial secretary and is a member of the Research and Education committees. She has been published in the Kemetic Voice and the Newsletters of the Midwest and Western Regions of ASCAC, and the liturgy for special celebrations of the Temple of the African Community of Chicago. The Kemetic Institute has published her Handbook of Concepts in Kemetic Spirituality and her Study Guide to Jacob Carruthers’ African or American, a Question of Intellectual Allegiance. She has lectured at ASCAC National and Midwest Regional conferences. She is a thirty-year member of the Temple of the African Community of Chicago, a charter member of ASCAC and President Emeritus of the Midwest Region of ASCAC, and currently a national ASCAC Board representative.


Kemetic Institute Chicago
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