Rosetta Cash, a member since 1986, is the Chair of the Creative Productions committee, member of the Education committee, the Editorial and Publishing committee, and coordinator of technology for the institute assisting with the production of all KI programs.

She was the first editor and publisher of, and has been published in The Kemetic Voice, journal of the Kemetic Institute. Rosetta is a multitalented artist (clothing design, interior design, graphic artist, poet, songwriter, singer, etc.) with MA degrees in Inner City Studies Education and Communication, Media, and Theater from Northeastern Illinois University. She is an instructor at CCICS in the Inner City Studies Education program. She is a member and the Minister of Music of the Temple of the African Community of Chicago.

Rosetta is also a charter member of ASCAC and an ASCAC Midwest Regional board member. She has lectured and has frequently conducted workshops and made presentations at ASCAC’s Midwest Regional and National conferences, at the KI’s “Issues in Contemporary Africa” forum series, the South Shore Cultural Center, Kennedy King College, and Malcolm X College. She also does extensive work with the National Black United Front (NBUF) and is a board member for the Minianka African Drum and Dance Ensemble.


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