Yvonne R. Jones is the Director of the Kemetic Institute, a member of the Education committee, the Editorial and Publishing committee and has served as the Research chair. Professor Jones is one of the facilitators of the Kemetic Institute’s Teaching about Africa and African Foundations programs, and project coordinator and one of the authors of the Kemetic Institute’s Language Arts Curriculum. Her articles have appeared in The Kemetic Voice and the Newsletter of the Midwest Region of ASCAC. Two collections of her essays are scheduled for publication the first quarter of 2008. Professor Jones cites her first trip to Egypt, led by Dr. Anderson Thompson in 1977, as the foundation for her subsequent work under the tutelage of Drs. Carruthers and Thompson.

Yvonne has been an instructor at the Jacob H. Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies since 1998, and has taught mdw ntr at the Center, and in the Kemetic Institute’s community classes. Professor Jones taught in the Chicago Public Schools for 34 years. She is the High Priest of the Temple of the African Community of Chicago and chair of ASCAC’s Spiritual Development Commission. She has frequently lectured at ASCAC’s Midwest Regional and National conferences. Since 2006, Professor Jones has been a commissioner on the State of Illinois’ Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Commission.



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